School Management System

Student Records Management

  • Register/De-register Student
  • Parent/Guardian Details
  • View/Edit Student Profile
  • Assign/De-register Subjects
  • Sibling Relation
  • Duplicate Bill
  • Refund
  • Student Fees/Issue Receipt

Class Schedule/ Dynamic Management of Timetable

  • Overview class schedule by week
  • Overview total number of students by timeslot
  • Overview total number of students by subjects/lesson types

Chargeable Items

  • E.g. Material Fees, Book Fees,

Add-on Solution

  • Accounts Module
  • EOD module
  • Calendar / Movement Chart
  • Leave Application / Update Calendarv
  • Access Rights Management
  • SMS / Email Alert Services
  • Inventory Management Module

Staff Records Management

  • Register/De-register Staff
  • View/Edit Staff Profile
  • Generate Pay slip
  • De-registration

Fees and Time Slots Management

  • Manage monthly fees, chargeable fees, outstanding/carry-forward fees
  • Manage one time fee such as registration fee
  • Create time slots for lessons

User-friendly Software Interface

  • Responsive Design
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Font size adjustment
  • One Touch Access to various functions
  • Compatible with most browser types

Jay & Jov go beyond providing a system. They took a genuine interest in our business to understand and ensure that the end product was what we needed. Excellent service all the way around from start to finish. Keep up the GREAT work!

Mr Choo
Principal, Parkway Learning Centre