Web-Based Enterprise System

Project Detail

Our customer is an engineering company with more than 30 employees. From contacting suppliers to compare rates, raising Purchase Order, Receiving the shipment and finally making payments, these processes consume plenty of resources to coordinate and to confirm the information. The same lengthy process occurs when our customer provides a Quotation, Delivers an Order, Issue Invoices and confirms Receipt of Payment.

Our enterprise system is therefore built to increase work efficiency in these areas. When the admin department raises a PO, historical rates of different suppliers will appear to facilitate the selection of a supplier. Once selected, the inventory manager would be able to track the same PO, confirm receipt of goods and store them in a systematic manner for easy retrieval. The inventory database is then automatically updated. The accounting department will then be alerted to process payment to the supplier based on the terms of credit given for that particular item.

On the sales side, our enterprise system facilitates the admin department to provide quotation to their customer and this same quotation will be retrieved by the inventory manager for preparation of the shipment to the client. Upon delivery, the accounting department will then be able to retrieve the same quotation to generate Invoices effortlessly as information will automatically be ported over. After the client makes the payment, the accounting department will only need to update the payment records and the accounts will be tallied accordingly.

This fully integrated system has therefore reduced the amount of paper works done by each department and has increased work efficiencies in various business processes.

The additional advantages of this system are that all the invoices are automatically tallied and the generation of accounts is simply a few clicks away. The system is also able to handle GST calculations for timely submission of GST input and output taxes.

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