Web-Based Tuition Management System

Project Detail

Unimpressed with commercial off the shelve solutions, this company has engaged us to build a Customized Tuition Management System. Being highly IT savvy himself, the business owner influenced the development of the system functionalities in many ways. This gives him a system he truly desires and one that is able to alleviate his workload in many areas. The design of the application is fully responsive and is able to be used on phablets, tablets and even mobile phones.

The key functions of the system are:

  1. Student Module
    • Register
    • View/Edit Student Profile
    • Assign/Deregister Subjects
    • Sibling Relation
    • Duplicate Bill
    • Refund
    • Students Fees/Issue Receipt
  2. Staff Module
    • Register
    • View/Edit Staff Profile
    • Generate Payslip
    • De-registration
  3. Chargeable Item Module
    • Master Database for chargeable items
    • Master Database for Fees and Tuition Slots
  4. Class Schedule
    • Calendar by Week
    • Student Enrollment Figures by Time Slots
  5. Account Module
    • Input
    • Output
    • P&L
  6. Reports Module
    • Students Report
    • Staff Report
    • Outstanding Report
    • Refund Report
    • Subject Report
    • Monthly Bill Report
  7. EOD Module
    • Filter by Date Range
  8. Calendar Module
    • Movement Chart
    • Leave Application

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