Customized Software Development

All system capabilities are unique and customized to user’s requirements. Our process to build customized software is described as follows:

(i) Requirements Gathering Stage
Comprising 2 to 3 visits, this stage is crucial for us to understand your business processes and your specific requirements.

(ii) Specification of Requirements
We will follow up with a document specifying the requirements and provide our professional advice, as well as propose solutions, aimed at improving your work productivity.

(iii) Interface Design & Approval
Creating a professional design not only allows.

(iv) Software Development
Leave it to our team of professionals to develop your customized software, with an embedded CMS.

(v) System Demo & Comments
Once the beta version of the software is ready, we will visit you to perform a walk-through and receive comments, if any from you.

(vi)User Acceptance Test & Project Handover
Users will perform a trial on the system and take over the system when they are ready.

(vii) Product warranty and debugging
We warrant that all of our customized software are our proprietary IP and developed by our own team of developers. We also ensure free debugging for a period of up to 3months so that users can “run-in” their new system.